Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) were introduced in England and Wales on 1 August 2007. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rates how energy efficient your building is using grades from A to G (with ‘A’ the most efficient grade).

When you need an EPC

You must have an EPC if:

  • you rent out or sell the premises
  • a building under construction is finished

    When you must display one

    You must display an EPC by fixing it to your commercial building if all these apply:

    • the total useful floor area is over 500 square meters
    • the building is frequently visited by the public
    • an EPC has already been produced for the building’s sale, rental or construction

    How much it costs

    The cost of an EPC will depend on the building being assessed. All EPCs are valid for 10 years.

    You can be fined between £500 and £5,000 based on the rateable value of the building if you don’t make an EPC available to any prospective buyer or tenant.

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